Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bay Beach 2017

My in-laws used to take the grandchildren to Bay Beach once each summer and paid for everything. My parents did it once as well.  Since Grandpa got sick and passed, we no longer do it.  Pat and I decided we would do it for our family. Everyone had a great time.  We were missing Andrew and Erin.  Sad.  Last year all of us did this activity.
Evie and Adam have a favorite ride.  It's called the Falling Star!  Cami thought this ride wasn't thrilling enough for her.  Tom discovered this ride and loved it as well.
 Butchy and Evie had a great time riding the Ladybugs.
 Most everyone got to ride the bumper cars.  I see Pat is enjoying himself.
 This was the first time got to drive and he wasn't quite sure how.  Some coaching from his Papa.
 The Scrambler was the final ride of the night for everyone.  Jeff took Evie while Sammi took Cami and Butchy.  You couldn't wipe the smile off of Butchy's face.
 Clint, on the other hand, seems to have lost his sanity riding with these two.
 Clare riding with Tom on the Falling Star.
While Cami and I were walking over to the Zippin Pippin, we could hear Tom on the Falling Star.  He was "whoo-hooing" very loudly.  Clint is in the green in the middle.

Along with this trip was our first ever family camping trip.  The Gourleys and Fillmores camped on Wednesday and we joined them on Thursday evening.  Wednesday was very hot and humid while Thursday was very seasonable.  We had rain overnight which made our campfire a washout for the most part.  Of course everything was wet in the morning and had to be set up again once we got home.  Still, a very relaxing fun time together.  This is where I missed Erin and Andrew the most.

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