Monday, September 28, 2015

Noah's Ark

Seminary has begun and we are now in our 5th week.  Last week we studied Noah's story about the Ark and the animals and the wickedness of the people who were killed in the flood.  As I drove to church that Thursday morning, I noticed the sky.  It was so beautiful!  I was glad I had my camera to capture the beauty I was witnessing.
After we read a bit about how big the Ark measured, we did the math.  450' long x 75' wide and 45' tall.  That makes it as high as our church building, as wide as the parking lot plus the sidewalk and as long as two parking lots.
 While some of the youth did the measuring, others were creating the animals that would come along on the journey.  Syd drawing flamingos, I think.
 The entire group, minus Neal.
 A flurry of activity in creating animals.
 Crista's butterfly.
 Emma's pair of giraffes.
 Mackenzie and Tiana with Alyssa at the unseen end measuring "around the corner" so we could get a visual of just how long this vessel was.
Savana's pig.  Not certain what Meckenzie drew.  I think a pair of bears.

At any rate, it was so much fun having them outside and doing something practical and enjoying the experience.  A classroom is a great way to learn things but at times it is more practical to get off the chair and actually do it.  I think this is a lesson that they will not forget!
Amazing youth whom I am blessed to spend my mornings with.

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