Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Temple with Erin

 Earlier this month Pat and I boarded a plane and headed for Utah.  Earlier in the week, we sent our car with Alex and Megan Bohl to Utah for Erin to purchase from us.  We arrived on a Wednesday night and spent the night with Evan and Luana Byington.  They are wonderful people and I miss them in Wisconsin.  Thursday brought us to Provo with Erin's new car.  She didn't know we were bringing it to her so she was pleasantly surprised.  Thursday also brought us to the Barrett home with dear, dear friends.
Friday morning took us to the Oquirrh Mountain temple.  It is a "smaller" temple and it wasn't overly busy.  Erin had very specific and personal instruction.  She was a sister of promise and is now a sister of the covenant!  We had such a wonderful time with her.
There was a difference going to the temple with her as compared to the experience of our other children as well as my own experience of the first time.  Clare and I received our endowment because we were getting married.  Sammi and Andrew received theirs because they were serving a mission.  Both wonderful reasons but the next step in getting where we want to be.  Erin received her endowment because she wanted to and was ready to.
 We went to eat lunch at Which Wich.  It was a great place to eat.  Then off to Sweet Tooth Fairy for cupcakes.  After changing clothes we headed to Evanston to spend the evening with Brian and Kellie Welling.  On our way, both Erin and I were getting restless so we stopped at a rest area.
Here we found these prairie dogs which were very bold.  We had no food so I dumped our crumbs from the cupcakes on the concrete.  Before I could scrape more off of the papers, the critters took off with the papers.  It was quite entertaining.

Saturday was filled with selling Erin's Sable.  She posted it on Craig's list on Friday night and we had it sold by early afternoon.  God does answer prayers for sure.  We also bought and brought some things for a care package for Andrew.  A gentleman that Pat works with but has never met, volunteered to take the package to him.  So, we put the things together and dropped them off at his home.  I am filled with amazement that a total stranger would do something for us that we are unable to do for ourselves.  Gratitude is the only thing that I can express.

It was a quick trip but filled with only good things.  I loved being able to spend time with just our baby girl.

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