Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Basketball Season

 This year our boys have had a great basketball season.  They have only 5 losses and those have a collective total of 10 points by which they lost.  (Does that make sense?)  They've played hard each and every game.  They finished 3rd in the conference.  Last night they began regional play.  They are in a strange sectional this year.  The only team they've come up against was Oneida.
 They beat Marinette St. Thomas Aquinas Academy last evening.  Friday night they will travel to Sheboygan to play Sheboygan Area Lutheran.  That happens to be the team that won state last year, but then they lost their superstar who now plays for Wisconsin.
Our guys have a chance, as always.  I hope they can pull it out cause they're such a good team.  Good luck guys.  I'll be there taking more photos and cheering you on!

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